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∗ ConStrike


A DeathMatch mode map with buildings support. You can obtain money by killing other players, standing next to a dispenser, or collecting gold (appears automatically every 15 seconds).

This map was created in 2021 and used to attract many players at the [UB] Deathmatch server back in the day. This upload includes three releases of the map, among which the third version is the most fun. I also did a small change before uploading it: one of the sprites is covered by a tree now. Increasing building limits is highly encouraged.

I'm uploading this map to archive it since the servers it was specifically created for no longer operate. Have fun!


> user Kolia_rus
> user useigor and kappakappadabbakappa's authors — GFX
> Nintendo — the background image and music
Approved by Gaios

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2.43 mb, 39 Downloads



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